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“Ablue” is a dynamic and rising K-pop group, known for their vibrant energy and versatile musical style. Formed under Starlight Entertainment, a prominent South Korean music label, Ablue debuted in 2021 with their hit single “Eclipse,” which showcased a unique blend of pop, EDM, and R&B elements.


  1. Jayden (Leader, Main Rapper): Born Kim Jae-hyun, Jayden is the charismatic leader. Known for his sharp rap skills and magnetic stage presence, he hails from Seoul and was a known underground rapper before joining Ablue.
  2. Minji (Main Vocalist): Lee Min-ji, with her powerful vocals and emotive performances, is the heart of the group’s music. She grew up in Busan and was a contestant in several singing competitions.
  3. Seo-joon (Lead Dancer, Vocalist): Park Seo-joon is the group’s dance powerhouse. His fluid dance moves and charming off-stage personality have made him a fan favorite. He’s from Daegu and has a background in contemporary dance.
  4. Hana (Visual, Sub-Vocalist): Kim Hana, known for her stunning visuals and sweet voice, adds an aesthetic charm to the group. Originally from Incheon, she was a model before debuting with Ablue.


Great Guys is a South Korean K-pop boy band that has been captivating audiences worldwide with their exceptional talent and distinctive charm. Comprising of nine talented members, Great Guys made their debut in 2017 under DNA Entertainment. With their catchy music, impeccable choreography, and charismatic stage presence, they quickly gained a devoted fan base.

Known for their diverse music styles, Great Guys seamlessly blend genres like pop, hip-hop, and EDM into their songs, creating a unique and dynamic sound. Their music is not only infectious but also carries meaningful messages that resonate with their fans.

One of the standout features of Great Guys is their remarkable visuals and fashion sense, making them trendsetters in the K-pop industry. Their music videos are a visual treat, often featuring stunning cinematography and artistic storytelling.

Great Guys' dedication to their craft is evident through their rigorous training and relentless pursuit of excellence. They've consistently impressed both fans and critics with their live performances, showcasing their powerful vocals and sharp dance moves.

Over the years, Great Guys has released a series of successful albums and singles, solidifying their position in the competitive K-pop landscape. Their ability to connect with their fans, known as "Grace," has created a strong bond that transcends borders and languages.

With their talent, charisma, and unwavering dedication, Great Guys continues to make a significant impact in the world of K-pop, and their journey is one that fans eagerly anticipate with each new release. As they continue to evolve and grow, Great Guys remains a beacon of talent and innovation in the global K-pop scene.

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